Buy a good Chair for computer

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Re: Buy a good Chair for computer

Post by sateeb » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:49 pm

Good to see the old Tommy Cooper humour is alive and well
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Re: Buy a good Chair for computer desk.

Post by musungu » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:49 pm

Thanks to all of you who gave advice for where to buy.
I firstly went to Big Kiang who had many but it was such a hassle getting to look at them with the limited room. Anyway their prices were from about 2.500bht upto 9,000bht. I could not find one where the back could be adjusted. So went off to Boonthavorn where they had a good supply, butv terrible service. I was the only customer in the furniture section but no sales staff. After making some noise for attention one came down the aisle but was more interested in her mobile! Anyway a good choice but prices from 4000bht to 11,000bht. Staff could not explain how certain levers worked for adjustments ,so intended to go back next day with the wife to translate. On leaving I thought I would give Index a look. There was limited choice and the price range was around 4000 to 7000bht. Nothing which I cold see that would give me good posture. Anyway the good lady at home found a web site which had a huge choice together with back and bum rests/cushion for posture. I have ordered a low back chair with with open mesh weave ( as suggested by Nereus) . I saw a similar one at Boonthavorm for 11,000bht , although I do not know if the back was adjustable ( I think not). Anyway my cost with free delivery was 2950 bht for the chair ( discounted from about 5,000bht and about 700bht for the back and bum styled cushion. Their name for anyone interested is 11 Street (Thailand) co Ltd.
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