Open a Bank Account with 30 Day Visa Exemption Stamp

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Open a Bank Account with 30 Day Visa Exemption Stamp

Post by Big Boy » Thu May 31, 2018 2:42 pm

This question is one that is regularly asked, and the usual answer is, ‘if one bank refuses, go to the next one,’

A friend on a 30 day exemption stamp tried that, and failed at every bank. So with the help of another friend, who knows a bank manager, we asked nicely if it was permitted. The answer came back that it was, but a few simple hoops had to be jumped through first.

I will keep names, banks. Etc. anonymous, just in case we’ve done anything wrong, but I think what follows is the correct procedure. I have started a new thread, and will make it a sticky, but my colleagues may merge it with one of the many threads already in existence.

Really, there is only one hoop, but it involves getting a letter from Immigration first. We did just that this morning, so this is how we did it:

• Went to the nice lady at the Immigration photo copy desk, and told her what we needed.
• She asked for:
o Passport
o Proof of residence (in this case a letter from the hotel confirming she was resident there).
o 2 Passport photographs.
• Various photocopies were made at a cost of 18 Baht.
• 2 Forms were given to my friend to complete.

Next step was to ask the ‘real immigration officers’. My friend was directed to the door marked Staff (so not the normal office that we all love). The young lady checked everything, asked for 500 Baht and told her to wait outside.

10 minutes later, the Immigration lady appeared with the letter.

I then drove my friend to the bank, where she opened an account. After presenting the Immigration letter, there were no questions asked.

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