The History of Southeast Asia

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Re: The History of Southeast Asia

Post by Nereus » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:43 am

The Flying Tigers — 12 Amazing Facts About America’s Legendary Volunteer Fighter Squadron ... -squadron/

“The victories of these Americans over the rice paddies of Burma are comparable in character, if not in scope, with those won by the RAF over the hop fields of Kent in the Battle of Britain.”
— Winston Churchill

FOR AMERICA, the final days of 1941 were among the darkest of World War Two. Pearl Harbor was in flames and the Pacific fleet was in disarray. The Philippines and Singapore were in the crosshairs. Wake Island and Hong Kong were under siege. The Japanese were on the march everywhere and hope was in short supply. America desperately needed heroes — it’d find them in the Flying Tigers.

This small obscure band of volunteer pilots from the United States were striking back against Japan, sweeping enemy bombers from the skies over China. Until that moment, few at home had ever heard their name. Yet suddenly, everyone was asking: Who are these Flying Tigers?

Lust like the Royal Air Force pilots who saved the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain, the Flying Tigers became a heroic symbol for America when it seemed all might be lost.

Today, the Flying Tigers are perhaps the best known American fighter aircraft group in history. Their name still resonates, just as the image of their shark-faced P-40s has become an icon of American airpower.

Here are a dozen things you probably never knew about the these incredible aviators.

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Re: The History of Southeast Asia

Post by Jimbob » Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:44 pm

beyond looking at youtube stuff on the 1954 battle OF Bien Diem Phu, which really was the death knell of the french in Indo china and particularly in Vietnam, I would recommend the 1992 movie Traps for depiction of life around rubber plantations. (If you can find it. I saw it 15 years ago)
Synopsis: The year is 1950 and an English couple, Louise and Michael, have arrived in French-occupied Indochina to cover a story on a French-owned rubber plantation. They are to be the guests of the enigmatic plantation overseer, Daniel, and his beautiful yet difficult daughter Viola, at their elegant, decaying villa amid a tropical jungle. Michael and Louise hope that some time spent working in an exotic location will help reignite the passion in their floundering marriage. Instead they become unwittingly involved in the personal, sexual and political tensions of their hosts. Daniel is desperate to hold onto a way of life no longer possible in a country struggling for independence, bringing him into conflict with not only his daughter but also with his adopted country

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