Be careful when walking in flooded streets

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Be careful when walking in flooded streets

Post by Vital Spark » Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:15 pm

A Frenchman who worked at our faculty was killed on Saturday night while riding his bicycle down a slightly flooded street. Unbeknown to him, an electrical supply to a mobile sign was leaking electricity, and he was unfortunate enough to put his foot down on the ground near the sign. Our university are looking at suing whoever is responsible, but I doubt they'll have much luck.

We've all seen the careless way that electricity is treated in this country, and I'm surprised there aren't more incidents like this (but maybe they're not reported). Be careful out there folks.

There's a link here (if it's allowed) to the Matichon news report. It's in Thai, but the Google translate works pretty well.

RIP Laurent.

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