Runway maintenance to cut Suvarnabhumi's capacity

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Runway maintenance to cut Suvarnabhumi's capacity

Post by buksida » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:24 pm

Airline schedules will be affected at Suvarnabhumi airport, with fewer flights per hour, during two-months of maintenance and repairs to the takeoff runway and taxiway starting this Friday, the airport's general manager has confirmed.

Sirote Duangratana said a part of the airport's east runway and the B1 taxiway would be repaved from March 3 to May 2. The maximum number of flights per hour will be cut from 68 to 60, or roughly 12%, during the work.

The work would cover a 935-metre-long northern section of the east runway known as 19L and the whole B1 taxiway. The rest of the east runway, 2,750 metres, would remain operational and able to serve most kinds of aircraft, including the long-range Airbus A380, Mr Sirote said.

The west runway would be in service as usual.

During the two-months of maintenance the capacity of the two-runway operation would drop from 68 flights an hour to 60 flights.

Full story: ... s-capacity
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