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Post by VincentD » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:42 pm

Hopefully your fault is simply a low battery thing, fault codes can be generated on the more modern cars by supplying undervoltage to the computer. Try disconnecting the battery for a couple of hours, it should clear the non-volatile memory (at least it worked with the Saab - though you did lose all the radio channels and pray you didn't forget the security code..)
Disconnecting the battery leads is also a good idea, just to check and see the if shop you changed the battery at cleaned the inside of the terminals of corrosion and grease - some are just plain lazy and just reconnect to a new battery, grease and all (on the inside!!)
Preventive maintenance is another thing - had to replace the vacuum lines on the Saab every six months or so - the turbo would harden the rubber and they would crack, giving erratic boost at times. Yes, silicone was an option, but the id of the tubes were not the same and they could pop off during high boost. An afternoon's work in the shade with a couple of beers.. besides, I liked to work on cars.
When I had the Ford, there used to be an XJS almost always in the workshop - beautiful car, but the mechanics said it was a little inadequate in the electrical department and was forever throwing fault codes. The Ford was similar. I think the wiring looms were not made for the tropics and I'd actually replaced the whole loom at least once to resolve those error messages.

Modern cars now have fly-by-wire throttle - I spoke to the mechanics at Nissan and they tell me even the cheapest models now have this as standard. Throttle body replacement is an expensive proposition, at least in the old days you'd just soak the carb in cleaner and you'd be ready to go the next day or so..

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