New bike path on Highway 4

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Re: New bike path on Highway 4

Post by usual suspect » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:31 pm

The above posting by Nick NCFC is correct..the barriers that were in place have now been ripped out in some parts, the cycle-track tarmac is now starting to have big holes in it (WTF?) The gates/barriers are always opened & never locked in place...(this maybe due to the amphur deciding to plant all those pretty flower-beds, that now need watering with a 10-ton truck on a daily basis..TiT).
IF when those nice flower beds are finally completed (it's been a year now!) IF the gates are indeed locked shut (which we know will never happen), IF when the MiB in the police box opposite the track Nr Soi 126 will ever look out of their window & do something about the m/bikes & salengs barreling down the cycle-path (Nah..that will never happen either)
The cycle-way may be safe & enjoyable, but all cyclists who use this route just have to accept that no Thai on an m/bike is ever gonna obey any rules or laws ..Until there's an accident & it's covered on social media..only THEN will HH Amphur MAYBE take note.

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