Looking for a nice place to get in shape// Fitness

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Re: Looking for a nice place to get in shape// Fitness

Post by PBbeacher » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:12 pm

If you are in 102 then you have Amazing Muay Thai (more than just Muay Thai) on the same street, also Pump Up soi 88 and the soi 94 gym also very nearby.
Also, one I forgot to mention Sports Villa on soi 104 (roughly) - havent been there for years, pretty basic last time I went but nice pool

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Re: Looking for a nice place to get in shape// Fitness

Post by YellowDragon » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:46 am

I'm currently training in @letic-gym. I found two different locations for the gym, but the Google Maps knew the right address... They offer one month (30days) subscription at normal price 2800 Bath, but they had some offer and gave it to me with 1800 Bath. Compared to the gym prices in my home country the price is really high (almost triple), but I'm just happy to be able to train while on vacation :D .

The gym has all basic equipment, machines, running machines, cycles, steppers etc as well as machines for all muscle groups. The free weights are very limited. They have one very old (and in bad shape) 20kg(?) bar and one 10kg(?) bar with plates and hand dumbbells up to 26kg. The usage of telephone is forbidden anywhere in the gym, you should have your own towel with you (so that you can put it under you when e.g. doing bench press and they recommend it). No dropping of weights is allowed, as well as using own drinks other than water (e.g. protein drinks, cola etc) or having bags inside the gym. They sell bottle water. They have a cafeteria, restaurant and spa next to the gym. The cafeteria offers e.g. protein smoothies (ok price, smoothie cost around 100-150Bath, scoop of protein powder +60Bath/spoon) and you can buy protein powders in cans from there (which were really expensive). There's free wifi in cafeteria.

They have air conditioning, but it's still quite hot place to train. They have lockers but it's recommended that you leave your valuables to the front desk. I personally have a small waterproof waist pocket (designed for runners) and keep my keys and money etc. with me while training. I haven't tested the shower facilities, so I cannot tell about them. I'm not sure, but I think they offer only gym services at the moment (so no group lessons, tennis etc).

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Re: Looking for a nice place to get in shape// Fitness

Post by teddyboom » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:25 am


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