Hua Hin to Khao Takiab

Khao Takiab, Khao Tao, Pranburi, Paknampran, Khao Kalok, Dolphin Bay, Sam Roi Yod and Prachuabkirikhan. Discussion on areas south of Hua Hin.
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Post by pfotoguy369 » Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:04 am

Apologies for the spelling in my last reply - too much singha !!!!!
Get Google spell check. great and it works on just about anything.

I have 2 problems 1. I cant type worth a damn And 2. I have partial dyslexia.

for some reason some word constantly come at wrong (taht) is one of them 90 % of the time that's how I time it.

I look like enough of an idiot for some of the things I say without adding bad spelling to it.

On to litter, as far as the ocean is concerned I agree it's dumped by a lot of the ships that dock here at night. Off pattaya we have to have at least a hundred at night. Problem 2. is the storm drains apparently are dispersed into the ocean along with any trash they carry with it.

I guess Thai culture has something to do with it. Not only Thais but others as well.

example, we go to the village and Mama opens a pack of noodles, wads up the cellophane paper it's wrapped in and throws it out the window next to the house. I go out side and there's just a load of stuff laying around in the weeds.

We recently went to Kanchanaburi and we go to a Temple that you have to take a boat to, a girl gets off the boat and she has one of those plastic bags half full of coffee and ice. Decides she's through with it and just throws it on the ground, and walks off chatting to her friend.

I wanted to grab her by the arm and ask her "what the heel are you doing. don't you have any respect for your country" My common sense intervene. BTW I picked it up carried it past her, gave her a look and deposited it in the first trash can I found. She could care less.

I'm an American and some of us are no better. I used to do allot of hiking/backpacking. One of the strangest thing I saw was we came upon a grocery store shopping cart in the middle of a trail at least 5 miles from nowhere, not they couldn't have pushed it through the trail so they had to carry it. another thing that highly bugs me is to come across a beautiful waterfall with a little pond and some idiot has thrown or shot beer bottles in the pond so you have a lot of broken glass in a area were people are going to dive and swim. what type of idiot does such a thing.

Pack it in. pack it out. and pick up whatever else you can carry.

Sorry for the rant.

If you really didn't want to know the answer, why the hell did you ask me the question!!!

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Post by lomuamart » Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:34 am

I'd definitely go along with that.
A number of years ago, three of us decided to go native for a couple of days and visited two waterfalls down near Bang Saphang. The first was on a national park and one friend had stayed there overnight before. So, we took along everything we needed to make our own food that night. Gas cooker, barbecue equipment, food, beer, whisky etc etc.
The park not only refused payment for the three bedroom wooden chalet we had for the night, but also wouldn't accept a tip for breakfast at their small restaurant the next day.
We were the only people in the park that night, not even a ranger. Had a great time with our outdoor cooking, drinking and card playing, but everything was spotlessly cleaned up the next morning.
Where did the good times go?

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Post by Big Boy » Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:55 pm

pfotoguy369 wrote:
Get Google spell check. great and it works on just about anything.
and then went on to write:
what the heel are you doing
:lach: :lach: :lach:
I just love it when that happens. Don't worry pfotoguy - we all do it :thumb:
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dirty beaches?

Post by LAnative » Wed May 27, 2009 6:10 pm

As a novice blogger from LA I'm amazed at how much of this blog is complaining. Kudos for keeping the beach clean :thumb: tho', I wish someone would do it here. I will be glad when I visit to see a clean beach. But count your blessings. You are very fortunate to have a place where people care. Here whatever is in one's hand seems to belong on the ground because that is where they put it
I have been doing a beach cleanup 3 times weekly on my own for about 2 months now near my home. So far I've collected and counted 1260 plastic bottlecaps and 1040 plastic straws within a 200yd section of beach that is virtually unused. That is only what i've bothered to count and catagorize. I have filled countless plastic shopping bags with all types of debris and several 50 gal. plastic bags to the top with things like used condoms, hypodermic needles, empty disposable lighters, pens, bottles and cans, plastic bags, mylar baloons, literally pounds of styrofoam, used diapers, fastfood wrappers, cigarette butts, shoes and sandals etc. I left the numerous dead seabirds and chunks of wood where they were. All of the above was mixed together with hundreds of pounds of washed up kelp in a disgusting glop lining the ENTIRE length of the beach as far as you can see in either direction. And this washes up EVERY single day!
I will be glad to see a clean beach when I move there!
Keep up the good work on it.

the LA Native

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Post by hhfarang » Wed May 27, 2009 7:04 pm

All that stuff probably washed up on LA beach from here and Pattaya! :shock: :D :D
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Post by thule » Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:37 pm

Disussion typiquement anglo saxonne.... Toujours à chercher partout dans le monde leur joli monde "clean"! Amen!

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