Going to the Monkey mountain?

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Re: Going to the Monkey mountain?

Post by bill » Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:33 am

back in the day[kids use this as in last tuesday] 2000 or so town only had old shoping mall which led wife and i to treck it up to big c in truck to petchsburi and buy a shit load of food about once a month. after we got grub, usually we put all inside of truck but this time there was so much we put it in the bed, we would head to back of mountain to throw bananas at monkeys on the back trail. we went. we feed. we left. as we got to street level a bunch of thais were looking at us with concern. damn did they want bananas too? when we looked down at truck we saw a monkey party. truck covered with monkeys screaming running amok. food everywhere. one had got into banana muffins and flew up lamppost with 2 muffins jamed in mouth and one in each hand. he was quick and agile because a whole gang of his buddies were after his little butt and he wisely chose to scramble out on electrical line. got right in the middle of line and then hurled monkey abuse at the boys while gobbling up my muffins. the boys took action and you may not believe this but monkeys got on either end of the line and begain to rock it back and forth. so our brave boy was being whirled up and over while jibbering like a mad monkey and then he was launched. he flew through the air with greatest of ease. up up he went banana muffins flyin every which way. our hero landed on the roof of one of those abandoned houses with one muffin still in mouth and no harm done. he hissed a few words to the boys who fighting like mad dogs for the other muffins and stalked off with tail in the air. i was laughting so much i had tears then i turned and saw all the thai people rolling on the streets and i figured what the hell a good story to tell one day.

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Re: Going to the Monkey mountain?

Post by PeteC » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:44 am

I was just browsing Barry's Mermaid Cruise website and I see reference to Monkey Island. Are the monkeys there more people friendly and subdued than those on monkey mountain? Pete :cheers:
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