Strange incident on the road last night

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Re: Strange incident on the road last night

Post by JD » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:44 pm

This is a video from a year ago, it seems to be doing the rounds again on Social media.
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Re: Strange incident on the road last night

Post by Spitfire » Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:06 pm

It sounds callous, but I would have thought trap straight away and just bailed.

Secondly, getting out of the car at night on a deserted road like she did is not a good idea in this situation.

Thirdly, when they blocked the road at the bridge, I would have kept a cool head and just put the hammer to the floor as it would have been the only chance of not getting shot and probably would have at least injured all three of them, deal with the aftermath later...and leave the country asap probably.

But tbh, I've given up driving at night now...period. It's just simply too dangerous and not just because of the increased possibility of crimes like this. So many drunk or high drivers, vehicles with faulty lights/unworthy to be on the road in the first place or bikes with no light, invisible cyclists, no license/tax/insurance morons etc. etc. etc. A potent mix in darkness.

Asking for it.
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Re: Strange incident on the road last night

Post by Takiap » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:56 am

I guess I'm quite fortunate because in all the years I have been living here, I've never found myself in any sort of risky or potentially dangerous situation. With that having been said, I do come from South Africa lol.

If I did ever find myself in a situation like that which is shown in the video, I would the same as what Spitfire mentioned, and just put the peddle to the floor, and do my utmost best to not only get away but also to hit all three of the guys standing in the road, and their motorcycles. And, if I thought I could get away with it, I would not report the incident either, and especially if I was fortunate enough to have hit one or more of the idiots.

As far as accidents are concerned, I have been involved in two minor ones, and I was certainly not discriminated against. The first was just in front of the palace when a woman and her kids started cutting me off. I couldn't swerve because there was a bus overtaking, and the bike's mirror caught the back of my saleng. The bike had lots of scratches and the woman and her kids had a few grazes. One of my kids also picked up a few grazes but nothing serious. Of course, the Thai woman tried to blame me instantly, but a policeman soon arrived and asked us if we were all okay. I said yes; the woman mumbled on for a while pointing to her bike and her grazed leg, but the policeman determined that we were all fine so sent us all on our way.

The next accident involved a car banging into the back of my saleng at a red traffic light, and I can honestly say that the Thai man driving it couldn't have been any more apologetic, and he immediately accepted full responsibility. He did have full insurance though. :D

Would I stop and offer assistance at the scene of an accident? Yes, absolutely, but only if there was zero chance of me being implicated. Returning home at night a few months back after fetching my kids from karate, a dog ran out in front of me and sort of stopped for a second, before bolting, straight in front of young Mr. Cool on his Fino who was doing a Somchai overtake. He hit the dog square on, which sent him and his bike tumbling, and I just kelp on going because no doubt he would have blamed me for causing the dog to run in from of him.

What I'm trying to say is I tend to try and read each incident on a case by case basis, and then respond accordingly.

PS: Ignore any spelling/grammar errors. :D

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