FA Cup 2016-17

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Henry 14th
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Re: FA Cup 2016-17

Post by Henry 14th » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:41 pm

Though it pains me to say, Spurs have been great to watch for quite sometime now and the future looks long and bright proving they can keep the current crop together.

I don't know much about how they are financing the new stadium, but will any loan repayment period cause the club cash problems similar to what Arsenal faced for those years?

We were playing great football before and slightly after the invincibles era, similar to way Spurs are killing games off in 25 minutes now.

The stadium move really affected things as we couldn't be bold in the transfer market and couldn't retain the top talent we had.

I know Spurs have extended a few key contracts this seaaon, but if Euro giants come calling and cash flow dries up slightly contracts can often mean very little.

Naturally match day revenue will help, but will that alone be enough for the club to maintain onfield competitveness and fend off Real, Barcelona, Bayern etc?

Just interested in the view of thise who have more insight into the Spurs model. I'm surs they kept a close eye on our restrains during the move and will have taken measure to avoid similar pitfalls.

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Re: FA Cup 2016-17

Post by Zidane » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:42 am

Two important games where the match officials had a big say.....
1.Chelseas penalty to make it 2-1.......reckless challenge by Son but he appeared to pull out with Moses diving over him without any contact.
2.Citys disallowed goal.....it looks as though the ball didn't go out and Aguero's "goal" should have stood.With him scoring again just after the hour mark it would have put City 2-0 up and too much for Arsenal to claw back ??

Both very difficult decisions for the officials to call but with video technology being allowed at least you would know the right decision would be made !
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