Cancer - no longer the bogeyman?

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Re: Cancer - no longer the bogeyman?

Post by dtaai-maai » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:31 am

Vital Spark wrote:
Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:05 am
DM: How does the radiotherapy affect you physically? Does it make you feel sick or tired?
Hi VS, it's difficult to answer your question in a way that will help your sister, as the side effects undoubtedly vary according to the treatment area.

The actual process is completely painless. Below are a couple of photos from the net that I meant to post earlier. To ensure that the rays were focused accurately every time, they made a very tightly fitting mould exactly like that shown. Once I was on the table, the whole thing was over and done with in 5 minutes.

radiotherapy mask.jpg
radiotherapy mask.jpg (8.42 KiB) Viewed 279 times
radiotherapy.jpg (9.77 KiB) Viewed 279 times

The effects take a while to kick in. The first thing that struck me about your post is that your sister is having 15 treatments, whereas mine involved 35. I posted after 17, and things got worse from there. Mostly pain, tiredness and inability to eat. The pain, of course, is from an inflamed throat. I take co-codamol (which causes constipation!). I doubt pain and eating will be a problem for your sis.

The surface area gets sore and tender, similar to sunburn. I haven't found that too much of a problem, though it varies.

I've just finished my course of treatment, and my next review is on 15 Sept., though I have assorted other appointments in the meantime with nutritionists, speech therapists, etc. I'm reliably informed that things will continue to bubble away for a while before I get back to normal.

I've lost 10 kgs so far (no bad thing in itself), despite being being on a high calory diet and assorted supplements. I simply can't get much down. I dream of roast lamb, mint sauce and roast tatties.

The photo below is me and my grandson, who was getting (and giving himself) a round of applause after ringing the bell.
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Re: Cancer - no longer the bogeyman?

Post by Vital Spark » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:41 am

DM: Thank you hugely for your informative and interesting reply. BTW You look great!

My sister's lymphoma is just a little lump on her inner thigh - far away from a lot of important bits. She's going for her first session of radiotherapy on Monday and the wonderful NHS feel that they can kill off the nasties there in 15 sessions. It's a far less invasive process than what you've been going through, and will hopefully not effect her normal life too much.

You've obviously gone through quite a tough time with your treatment because of the location of the cancer, but you're in the best hands.

We'll definintely have to meet up for a beer or two when we get settled.

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