Refresh Wooden Floor

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Refresh Wooden Floor

Post by T.O.M. » Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:43 pm

After a long time tenant moved out recently, is was time to refresh the house.
Painted and ordered new furniture....All look very nice, but I am only seeing the not so nice wooden floors.
Not really within budget to fix it , but I have to do it....!!
The floor is wood boards and nothing has been done to them for at least 15 years (the period we have owned the house) and probably not the 5 previous years. No idea what kind if wood.
Since I am not a DIY guy, I wonder if any of the members here, know of a guy with a buffering or sanding machine ?
Someone who will leave the house nice and clean.....and offer a fair price.
One more question...What to fill in the cracks between the boards?
Thank you...!

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