88 condo Hua Hin soi 88

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88 condo Hua Hin soi 88

Post by timuphill » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:58 am

I stayed there for a few months and it's terrible with stray dogs barking and howling all night like a wolf pack. Not just a couple of dogs, but 10 to 20 dogs. Day time they are mostly quiet but 2-4 am they can howl for hours on end. Walls are thin, so the noise comes right in, aircondition helps a little, but normally it's not at full blast at 3 am.

On the mountain side there are some shacks that are not pretty site to look at, and have roosters who will wake you up 4 am and there are also dogs fighting. So the noise problem surrounds the whole building complex.

It's a shame because the buildings are nice, clean and new and otherwise it's a quiet area. Everybody in staff is polite and helpful. Not many tenants, so that is good too. But walls are paper thin, and if you happen to get neighbours who like to party and play music, you will be partying with them. Also if it ever gets full, the noise from the corridors, outside and from other condos is going to be problematic.

So unless you sleep like a log, i would not reccomend 88 condo. I had to move out because of the dogs barking.

Also there are no motorbike taxis around. The building has a shuttle to the city 9,12 and 15, but not come back and taxis cost 200 thb to take you home. If you go to the city 2 times a day, this get expensive. You must have motorbike if you live there any longer time. Also laundry is far and no room cleaning service. In front of the building there is a small store with some very basic stuff, but not much. At least they have bottled water.

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Re: 88 condo Hua Hin soi 88

Post by matador » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:33 pm

I hear ya on dogs barking and non-condusive to good sleep, and thus ruining the days.

Good idea to rent shorter term to get a feel for the place/location and see about the particulars. (Dogs barking, where sun rises/sets, wind direction so you get a breeze)

Hope to hear you write again from a better location and let the folks know where the quiet stays are :)

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