Cruel dog owner escapes charges

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Cruel dog owner escapes charges

Post by Nereus » Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:00 pm

Should lock her up in a cage for a few days. But it is typical of here that the complaints are all about how it affects people, not a single mention of how the dogs may be suffering:
'Cruel' dog owner escapes charges despite complaints ... recent_box

The 62-year-old lady and owner of over 30 dogs, Sangwaree Gunjairungroj, who an animal rights group has accused of torturing her pets, will not be charged with animal cruelty, according to officials.

"We have found two dogs with several cut marks on their bodies, which Ms Sangwaree admits she caused as she shaves the dogs herself," Teeravut Suwattanachao, an expert veterinarian from the Department of Livestock Development, told reporters after inspecting her two-storey townhouse located in Soi Pho Pan 11 in Bangkok's Din Daeng district.

"Given the adequate conditions of the remaining 28 dogs, there is not enough evidence that falls into the category of animal cruelty," he said.

"However, we have ordered Ms Sangwaree to immediately cut the number of dogs as the vicinity is not suitable for 30 dogs, while also requesting her to sanitise her home within one week. If she fails to do so, legal charges will be pressed," Mr Teeravut added.

Accompanying Mr Teeravut, a dozen police and reporters came to cover the story which has attracted huge attention.
The most disturbing detail reported is that the owner stuffed a dead dog and put it on display in front of her home.
The dog, however, was not there when the authorities made their inspection yesterday.

The inspection was carried out after an animal rights protection group filed charges against her. On Friday, Watchdog Thailand lodged a complaint at Huai Khwang police station.

The complaint against her was not the first. Neighbours reportedly have been complaining about the foul smell coming from the house, stemming from having too many dogs in a dire condition. Some say they have been putting up with noise and bad smells from the house for years.

"We have received complaints from the local community that Ms Sangwaree has caused a disturbance for at least 10 years, and some have informed the police that there is potentially a cause for concern that the animals are mistreated," said Pol Col Kumpol Rattanapratheep, director of the Huai Khwang police station.

During the inspection, Ms Sangwaree entered a heated argument with police.

She said she would press charges against those who were bullying her and she insisted she can take good care of her pets. She refused to talk to the media.

Neighbours in the area interviewed by the Bangkok Post said they were unhappy with Ms Sangwaree's actions, not only for causing foul smells from the abundance of dogs and birds caged in her house but also causing a ruckus with people in general.

"She has lived here for 30 years or so, and my parents told me she has caused disturbances since I was in my mother's womb," said Tanatat Tippitak, who lives on the same street, said. "My mother told us she once threw bottles and dirty garbage into our home because she believed mistakenly that my mum splashed water at her dogs."

Another neighbour who asked for his name to be withheld also voiced similar concerns. "I live very close to her, and her house makes it impossible for me to sit in front of my own place because of the smell. Whenever she decides to cause tension, she will do something to make all the animals start barking in the evening," he said.

"It gets much worse during festivals and holidays. They scream and shout all night … It's truly annoying. I need my name withheld because if she finds out, the persecution game will worsen," he added.
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