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Hua Hin Vegan

Post by caller » Sat May 12, 2018 1:53 pm

I thought this might be helpful if you have any vegan / veggie friends or relatives visiting and looking for somewhere to take them to eat.

My sister and Brother in Law are 'born again' vegans of many years standing and visited HH in January. They compromise on their travels, so for example, will order a Greek salad, but leave the feta and so on, but they enjoyed being able to go to a full blown vegan restaurant and very good it was too, even for a dedicated omnivore like me.

The restaurant is where the old S&P used to be on the ground floor of the original Hua Hin shopping Mall, so very central and with it's own street entrance.

We went there twice and my sister and Brother in Law enjoyed eating there very much. It's really well furnished with comfortable seats, lot's of nik-naks to look at and purchase and a large and varied menu, with a good selection of beers and wines. I didn't know much about vegan food and was surprised to learn that Jack fruit is often used as a meat substitute and on both visits, admittedly at the start of January, so high season, it was 'comfortably busy'.

I ordered and enjoyed a mushroom stir fry which was quite tasty, but I thought a few more mushrooms wouldn't have gone amiss and I twice ordered the somtam, where soya oil replaces the fish sauce. I couldn't really recognise it as a typical somtam, but it was still a very nice and hearty dish but if I order again, I will ask for more chilli, my BIL ordered that on the 2nd visit as well because he thought it looked so tasty. And their chips are excelllent!

I would be happy to eat there again irrespective of the fact it's a vegan restaurant, but just because it's a nice place and there was plenty on the menu that I would enjoy.

Anyway, a few pics, some of these are from my sisters fb page.

(I hope the food pics stay up. I have been using google to host my pics and they have stopped cut and paste copying, so I have used a get around, whilst deciding what to do long term)
26231302_10156140262651979_4807041497220024586_n.jpg (65.87 KiB) Viewed 397 times
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