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Looking for Someone

Post by Name Taken » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:08 pm

I am wanting to locate or get in contact with my Thai wife that I have not seen nor had any contact with whatsoever in 8+ years.
Long story short, I made the mistake of marrying after being in Thailand for a couple of months about 10 years ago. :banghead: This was also my first time being in Thailand.
I would like to get a divorce or an annulment from her, because I might want to marry my girlfriend that I have been with for several years.
My wife's real name is [Admin edit: specifics removed] she also goes by the name 'Big' or 'Big Yai'

and no I am not trolling, this is all true.

Mod edit - Have pm'd the author about the mod edit.

Admin edit: an expat forum is not really the place to go about this, you should really hire a lawyer or private investigator - thread locked.


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