Bicycle (MTB) parts source

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Bicycle (MTB) parts source

Post by Gregjam » Fri May 11, 2018 8:54 am

I was advised by a cycling friend not to bring a good bike from abroad and am realising why now. On the rare occasion when parts are available the prices are extortionate and it can take a while to get them from abroad plus they will have to be collected from the post office after you pay the tax.
There seem to be little in the way of online sources here too and I would like to ask what there are available within Thailand. Probike are expensive and do not have much online and Lazada does not cater locally for better quality bikes.
As an example I am having to wait two months for a 40mm rim for my 27.5 plus mtb from the Trek dealer. In the meantime I had a new wheelset with smaller rims delivered from Germany. I need straight pull spokes to build a wheel and am waiting for them to come from abroad too. Suspension service kits I purchased from the USA.
Fortunately I do most of my own servicing but it would be nice to get things without having to wait wedks at a time.
Thailand has made great strides with online retailing bit is stell well behing when it cmes to mid level cycle parts.

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