The i-things - Apple devices and software thread

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Re: The i-things - Apple devices and software thread

Post by Gregjam » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:35 pm

So is this slowing down on older iStuff also affecting older iPads. My iPad Mini version 1 won't even take the latest OS but it certainly seems to have slowed down. Tried resetting it and still as slow. It still has a fair amount of memory as I moved all the photos and videos out. Perhaps it is a perceived slow down compared my iPhone 5S. The battery still lasts pretty well but it is appallingly slow. It has easily outlived it's MS brethren though and as an old duffer who used to load up a ZXspectrum from a cassette tape in the dim and not so distant past I can understand changes in speed. I can still watch videos on youtube but it struggles with better quality on the MotoGP site.

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